Ideology Activewear


Originally created for Macy's as an affordable Activewear alternative it has grown to offer an amazing variety of products for all shapes and sizes.

Ideology is about action and motion, and the pieces in the collection are designed to maximize performance under all conditions. The range includes sleeveless, short- and long-sleeved tees, training shorts, running leggings, as well as track jackets and track pants.

“It’s not only professional athletes who inhabit fields, courses and tracks,” said Nancy Slavin, senior vice president of Macy’s Private Brands Marketing. “People who work in offices, coffee shops, hospitals, schools, and everywhere in between are committing to their health and wellness, and are working out to reach their goals—that makes them athletes. With ID Ideology, we are getting them out of their old t-shirts and shorts, and into performance gear that will help take them to the next level.”